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ChargeBar® has a wide range of products that covers the mobile battery charging spectrum. If you need wait and charge, lock and charge, or walk and charge solutions we have you covered.

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SOS – Emergency Battery Packs – 3-hours of talk time 8 year shelf life


Small, compact and powerful.   Introducing the ultra-portable SOS battery packs.  Keep these  handy in the event of an emergency.  Keep them in your car, briefcase, knapsacks, fanny packs, baby stroller, and pockets.

Provides up to 3-hours of talk time and has an 8-year shelf life.

Can be custom branded with your logo.  Great to promote your business.  Your customers will always keep your logo on them.

They range in capacities from 1600-2000mAh

Min order of 2000 for custom branding.