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ChargeBar® has a wide range of products that covers the mobile battery charging spectrum. If you need wait and charge, lock and charge, or walk and charge solutions we have you covered.

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24 Power Bank Rental Kiosk


The new CBP-24 comes with 24 rental power banks.  Great vending potential.  Rent by the hour or day.  Packs must be returned or else there is a $75 fee billed.  Each pack includes charging cables for all Phones (Lightning and USB-C).  12 and 48 pack sizes also available.  Now visitors can rent a power bank and take their phone with them instead of depositing their phone inside a locker.  Packs are 5,000mAh.  Touch screen doubles as a digital branding display.  Can play both video and jpeg files.

Can set the amount you want to charge users.  You can also set the unit to free-use and rent the unit out at events, corporate parties and music festivals.


  • Large Touchscreen
  • 24 battery pack slots
  • Wireless Nayax POS $650 extra (comes pre-installed)
  • Very Duarable
  • 2-year warranty